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Pokedex iOS Discounted For a Limited Time
by Poke-Amph on March 1, 2013

pokedex-ios-logoThe Pokedex App for iOS is now discounted to $0.99 until March 12th. The base app only contains Unova Pokemon, but the additional Pokemon generations are available for $3.99 per region during this time period. Pokedex for iOS can be purchased at the App Store.

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Genesect Password for Pokedex 3D Pro and Pokedex iOS
by Poke-Amph on January 17, 2013

genesectThe passwords to unlock Genesect in Pokedex 3D Pro and Pokedex for iOS have been released by Nintendo. The Techno Blast move will also be added to the Move List when the password is entered.

Pokedex 3D Pro Password: PHSKUTDF
Pokedex iOS Password: SNMPSCTP

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Pokedex For iOS Available For International Devices
by Poke-Amph on December 11, 2012

Pokedex for iOS is now available in the App Store in all regions. The initial price for the app is $1.99 and that includes all Unova Pokemon. Other generations can be purchased individually for an additional $5.99 each. Unlocking all Pokemon will cost $26. The password to unlock Meloetta is TCPBSDCR.

Pokedex iOS initially released in Japan on November 16th. It marked the first time Nintendo had officially released an application on an Apple device.

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Meloetta Password for Pokedex iOS
by Poke-Amph on November 16, 2012

Unlocking Meloetta in Pokedex iOS is simple, just type the password “TCPBSDCR” into the search bar.

Pokedex iOS launched today for Japanese iOS devices. It functions in the same vein as Pokedex 3D Pro for the 3DS. Despite lacking spectroscopic 3D, Pokedex iOS allows searching using a full qwerty keyboard.

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iOS Pokedex Launches November 16th
by Poke-Amph on November 15, 2012

The Japanese App Store will be getting an official Pokedex for iOS tomorrow. That means you can check Pokemon stats on any compatible iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Pokedex iOS is very similar to the 3DS counterpart. The main difference is the ability to use a full qwerty keyboard to search.

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