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The Top Cut – Des Plaines, IL City Championship Finals
by Poke-Amph on December 31, 2012

des-laines-il-city-championships-finalsThe Top Cut has coverage of the Des Plaines City Championship. This video shows the finals between Adam Bigott and Matt Moss with commentary by Kyle Sucevich and┬áMichael Pramawat. Adam is using Rayquaza/Eelektrik against Matt’s Darkrai EXs. Check out the video in the full story and more in depth tournament coverage at The Top Cut.

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Pokemon City Championship Dates
by Poke-Amph on November 3, 2012

City Championships are just around the corner, running from November 17th through January 6th. For those who don’t know, City Championships are a set of tournaments across the nation that allow players to earn Championship Points. The players with the most Championship Points at the end of the season will receive an invite to the World Championships held in Vancouver, Canada. For a full breakdown of how many points will be given out at your tournament, check out Pokemon.com.

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