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Tasty Slurpuff and Fragrant Aromatisse
by Poke-Amph on October 4, 2013

slurpuffThe evolutions of Swirlix and Spritzee now have English names, Slurpuff and Aromatisse. The two are smoewhat connected because Aromatisse can change its scent, while Slurpuff has a very powerful sense of smell.


Slurpuff looks like an ice cream sundae. It is Fairy type and has its tongue hanging out of its mouth just like Swirlix. It has a sense of smell that is one hundred million times more sensitive than humans. It’s known to help pastry chefs because of its talent of distinguishing different smells.


Aromatisse is a master of fragrance. It can not only wonderful smells, but also a disgusting stench that can change the tide of battle.

The two were introduced to Japan only a few days ago.

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