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Super Training Mini Game Makes EV Training Easier
by Poke-Amph on September 7, 2013

super-training-graphSince the beginning of the Pokemon series, EV training has been a way to focus a Pokemon’s hidden stats in order to gain the competitive edge. Up until Pokemon X and Y, it’s been a slow process with a lot of guess work. The Super Training mini game featured in this week’s episode of Pokemon Smash sets out to solve that problem by giving more control over your Pokemon’s hidden stats.

The mini game is set on a soccer field. An enemy appears that has several targets on its body. The Pokemon you are training has to shoot soccer balls at the targets in order to raise your score. Once you get a certain number of points, you are rewarded with points that add up towards the corresponding stat.

Sylveon’s stats before the Super Training session.

Shoot the soccer balls at the targets on the Magneton.

Sylveon’s is awarded 8 points toward its Special Attack.

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