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Pokemon Global Link X and Y Overhaul
by Poke-Amph on September 13, 2013

pokemon-global-link-logoThe new Pokemon Global Link will launch on October 12th alongside Pokemon X and Y. It won’t have all of the new features from the start, but they will be implemented throughout the remaining month. The current version of the website will go down for maintenance on October 1st.


Rating Battle results are recorded on your Pokemon Global Link account in order to rank you against other players. The battle types include Single Battle, Double Battle, Triple Battle, Rotation Battle, and the new Special Battle. Special Battles abide by a specific set of rules that change every three months. The first rule set only allows new Kalos region Pokemon to be used. In response to player feedback, any disconnect from a battle now results in a loss that will affect ranking. This discourages players from disconnecting from battles they are losing.


The new Global Link will also have a mobile-friendly version that will be more compatible with smart phones and tablets. As you play through Pokemon X and Y, you can now share your game progress on social sites.

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