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Four New Pokemon – Two Dinosaurs, Psychic Cat, and Customizable Poodle
by Poke-Amph on September 11, 2013

chigorasu-trex-pokemonCoroCoro has leaked four new Pokemon from X and Y. It introduced two dinosaur-influenced Pokemon, a Psychic cat that differs greatly depending on what gender it is, and a dog-Pokemon with a customizable appearance.


chigorasu-trex-pokemonChigorasu is a Rock/Dragon T-Rex Pokemon. It has the new Hard Jaw ability, which increases the power of biting moves like Crunch.

amarusu-dinosaur-pokemonAmarusu is a Rock/Ice diplodocus-like Pokemon. It has the new Freeze Skin ability, which turns Normal-type moves into Ice-type moves and powers them up. It can learn Aurora Beam.


Nyaonikusu is a Psychic-type cat. It has a different appearance for each gender. (Female Left, Male Right) Its gender actually affects the moves it learns. The female version learns Extrasensory, while the males learn Miracle Eye. It can have either Keen Eye or Infiltrator for an ability.

torimian-customizationTorimian can be seen in the Pokemon Direct for a split second. It is Normal-type and has the new Fur Coat ability, which decreases physical damage. You can change its appearance like a poodle.

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