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Aurorus and Tyrantrum Fossil Pokemon Evolutions
by Poke-Amph on September 19, 2013

tyrantrumAmaura and Tyrunt were only revealed a few days ago, but we already have information on their evolutions. The fossil Pokemon evolve into Aurorus and Tyrantrum, respectively. These are their fully evolved forms that can be achieved after resurrecting them in Pokemon X and Y.

aurorus-ken-sugimori-artJeux Video revealed Aurorus. It looks very similar to Amaura, but with larger ears and more jewels across the side of its body. Aurorus can learn the new move Freeze Dry, which freezes the target and is super effective against Water-type Pokemon.

tyrantrumken-sugimori-artIGN unveiled Tyrantrum. It gains a larger mane and more teeth. Tyrantrum’s red body also has a much more scaly appearance.





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