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Pokemon Retrospective Video Ends In Mystery
by Poke-Amph on August 18, 2013

possible-pokemon-wii-u-gameThe Pokemon Game Show event is featuring demos of Pokemon X and Y as well as a retrospective video of the Pokemon franchise. The video ends with what appears to be a battle scene with Blaziken and Lucario, both of which have Mega evolutions. Interestingly, the graphics appear far too advanced for the 3DS, looking more like Wii U visuals. Although nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo, this could be the beginning of a Pokemon Battle Revolution or Colosseum-style game for the Wii U. Watch the whole video in the full story.


The Pokemon X and Y demos at the event have revealed the exact method of evolving into a Mega Pokemon. During battle, the bottom screen has a rainbow-colored button that triggers the evolution.