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Special Edition Eevee 3DS XL Coming to Japan
by Poke-Amph on May 15, 2013

eevee-3ds-xl-close-upA special edition Eevee-themed 3DS XL will be available in Japan soon. It will only be produced in limited quantities, so a lottery system will be used to select potential buyers. This system was used last year for the Charizard 3DS XL. Winners of the lottery will be able to purchase their Eevee 3DS XL at Pokemon Center stores in Japan starting on June 22nd. A full image of the system is in the full story.

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Kalos Region and Gen 6 Pokemon English Names
by Poke-Amph on May 14, 2013

kalos-regionThe region Pokemon X and Y takes place in is officially known as the Kalos region. The four new generation 6 Pokemon already have English names. Elikiteru is Helioptile, Gogoat remains Gogoat, Yancham is now Pancham, and Yayakoma is Fletchling. Check out the full story for every tidbit about the Kalos region and each Pokemon currently known.

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Four New Generation 6 Pokemon Revealed in CoroCoro
by Poke-Amph on May 11, 2013

yanchamThe latest issue of CoroCoro has leaked four new Pokemon from X and Y, as well as some other worthwhile information. Their Japanese names are Elikiteru, Gogoat, Yancham, and Yayakoma. Elikiteru is an Electric/Normal type lizard. Gogoat is a Grass type goat. Yancham is a Fighting type Panda. Yayakoma is a Normal/Flying robin.

The magazine also shows off the two games’ box art. The X box art is white and blue with Xerneas standing in front of a big X. The Y box art features Yveltal with a black and red color scheme stading in front of a large Y.

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Bianca Pokedex Skin Password
by Poke-Amph on May 10, 2013

bianca-pokedex-skinThe Bianca Pokedex skin is now available to owners of Black and White 2. It features a green and white Pokeball with Bianca’s bow in the middle.  In order to unlock it, you must enter the missing word from a phrase. The password is Floccesy. Make sure you capitalize the first letter. The full phrase is,  “Continue straight this way to Floccesy Town”. The skin will be available until June 13th, so get it while you still can.


Mew and Mewtwo Doll Password
by Poke-Amph on May 2, 2013

mew-mewtwo-dollsNew Mew and Mewtwo dolls are now available to decorate your Dream World home. The password MEWTWOMEW unlocks the both dolls. They will only be available until June 6th, so don’t wait.

If you have a Dream World account, you can find the password in your Pokemon Trainer Club Mailbox.

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