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My Thoughts on “Mewthree”
by Poke-Amph on April 7, 2013

mewthree-x-yThe Pokemon dubbed by fans as “Mewthree” and “Newtwo” is official. I personally like it, but I can see why some wouldn’t. Any time people see something new, they approach it with caution. New things scare people. So when faced with what appears to be a re-imagining of a classic Pokemon, people may dislike it. I’ve already been through this process with Pokemon many, many times. Every generation brings new Pokemon, and that brings people who clam up in their shell and scream “Kanto Pokemon were better!”

I like the idea of a new Pokemon that shares the same genes as Mewtwo and Mew. It’s a way to have a link between different generations without having to be an evolution. Assuming Pokemon X and Y will cover DNA or genes in some way, this Mewtwo counterpart fits into that theme. That same theme is also found in Red and Blue. This brings everything back full-circle, which is something hinted at by the blue and red color scheme associated with X and Y. This all paints a picture of a reboot of the series, which falls in line with the fact that Game Freak has hinted at a reworking of certain game mechanics. Hopefully this new Pokemon is the start of some exciting changes to the classic Pokemon formula.

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