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Pokemon X and Y Announced with Worldwide Release Date
by Poke-Amph on January 8, 2013

pokemon-x-y-logoToday’s Pokemon Direct news did not disappoint.  Satoru Iwata highlighted the history of Pokemon before introducing Pokemon X and Y, the latest installments of the series that will release for the 3DS in October worldwide.

For the first time ever on a handheld, Pokemon games will be in full 3D. All characters, Pokemon, and buildings are 3D models. The game still looks to feature a grid-like movement system with fixed camera angles akin to previous games, though. You can see the games in action and much more information in the full story.

The debut trailer for the two games introduces five new Pokemon: Chespin the Grass starter, Fennekin the Fire starter, Froakie the Water starter, and two yet unnamed legendary Pokemon that will most likely be featured on the games’ box art.

Chespin, Grass Starter

Fennekin, Fire Starter

froakieFroakie, Water Starter

A Pokemon X and Y official website has also been set up, but you can always check back for the latest news.