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Dream World Garchomp
by Poke-Amph on January 31, 2013

garchompGarchomp is now available over the Pokemon Global Link to participants of the Virbank Season of the Pokemon League. It has the hidden ability Rough Skin. It will be available until the end of February. Stay tuned for future Pokemon League Dream World announcements.

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Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina Dream World Dolls
by Poke-Amph on January 30, 2013

dialga-palkia-giratina-dollsDialga, Palkia, and Giratina will continue the line of legendary Pokemon dolls in the Dream World. They will be available to Japanese Pokemon players soon. A password will be given to Pokémon Daisuki Club members on February 13th, so check back then.

EDIT: The password is PGDDFTW

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Japanese Cheren Pokedex Skin
by Poke-Amph on January 29, 2013

cheren-pokedex-skinThe latest Pokedex skin for Japanese copies of Black and White 2 features a Cheren theme. The Poke Ball is blue and white, with the Aspertia City Gym logo in the center. The release date and availability of the skin is currently unkown, but I’ll keep you updated. Thanks to Serebii for the news.

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Pokemon BW Adventures in Unova
by Poke-Amph on January 28, 2013

pokemon-adventures-in-unova-logoPokemon BW Adventures in Unova is the next season of the Pokemon Anime. This season starts with Ash battling his way through the Vetress Conference. After the tournament, Ash will meet former and current Team Plasma members like N, Colress, and Ghetsis.

Watch new Pokemon episodes Saturdays on Cartoon Network at 8:30 am.

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Plasma Storm TCG Scans at PokeBeach
by Poke-Amph on January 27, 2013

plasma-storm-crobatPokeBeach now has all card scans from the Plasma Storm TCG set. There are 138 cards in the set including secret rares. Interestingly, the Charizard secret rare has an error. Its Scorching Fire attack is misprinted with a Fighting Energy in the attack cost, when it should be a Fire Energy. Oops! We’ll have to see if future printings will fix this error. If they do, the original run will probably be worth a lot.

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Plasma Storm Prerelease Tournaments Are Underway
by Poke-Amph on January 26, 2013

plasma-storm-logoPrerelease tournaments for Plasma Storm are running this weekend and next to help build hype for the official release on February 6th. You can use the Play! Pokemon Event Locator to find a prerelease near you.

Prerelease tournaments have a cost of $30 to enter. You receive booster packs to open and then construct a 40 card deck with what you pull from those packs. These tournaments are used to explore the new set, so they are more about fun and less competitive than other tournaments. I would highly suggest attending if you can.

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2013 International Challenge Now Live
by Poke-Amph on January 25, 2013

2013-international-challengeThe 2013 International Challenge is now available for all players who have registered. It will run until January 28th. The results of the competition will be added to the Pokemon Global Link on January 31st.

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WiFi Keldeo Available Now
by Poke-Amph on January 24, 2013

keldeo-forest-event-terrakion-cobalion-virizionKeldeo is now available for copies of Black and White 2. From the main menu choose Mystery Gift, Receive Gift, and Get Via Nintendo WFC in order to download Keldeo. Check out my earlier news story for more information about this Keldeo.

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Top Cut – Andrew Krekeler Deck Breakdown
by Poke-Amph on January 23, 2013

andrew-krekelerThe Top Cut is known for its Pokemon TCG coverage. Their latest video is a break down of the Keldeo/Blastoise/Mewtwo deck that won the Mississippi Valley Regional Championships. Andrew Krekeler, the winner of the tournament, explains the strategy behind each of the cards included in the deck. For example, Andrew used more Mewtwo than usual and included a Cilan from Next Destinies to get late game energy. Watch the video in the full story, or at The Top Cut.

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Keldeo WiFi Mystery Gift Event
by Poke-Amph on January 22, 2013

keldeo-resolute-formA special Keldeo will be given away over WiFi Mystery Gift for copies of Black and White 2. The event will run from January 25th through February 12th, 2013. This level 50 Keldeo will know the moves Sacred Sword, Aqua Jet, Hydro Pump, and Swords Dance. If taken to Pledge Grove north of Floccesy Town, it can be turned into Resolute Form.